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alton_lust's Journal

the Thick is Plottening

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I'm currently LOCKED OUT of posting to my own journal thanks to LJ and the "new and improved!" Update page. When I hit 'post' it switches from the new to the old style. Hit 'post' again and it switches back - but nothing appears in my journal.
Yes, LiveJournal, that's /much better/. F U
Sept 19,12.

Alton Brown is great TV.

This was my space. Sometimes a journal. Sometimes a letter. Sometimes a howl at the moon. Sometimes you won't be able to read it. Too bad. It's my house.

What you should already know : Female. Liberal(gasp!) Barking mad. I enjoy a good debate and can disagree without concluding you are brain-damaged hell-spawn. Most of the time.

Interests: Yes, many. Give me another?

My view on Friends and Friending: I can't keep up with a friend list. Period. If you're not on it I may think of you as a friend but want to read your journal in my own time. LJ needs a watching action for personal journals.

Six icons. WTF. I did have the max, then when LJ 'improved' and I lost my ability to do most things here I dropped my paid account. I could have gotten a perm account when they were offered, but no, I wanted to support LJ so I gave them my money for a paid account for years. Then they screwed me without so much as a by your leave. Should have learned then.

"Uh oh. The thick is plotting..." from old radio show: Candy Matson, PI. Episode 'Jack Frost'

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