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I got my friend amaryllis bulbs for xmas. In different stages so they would bloom around Valentines Day and beyond into the dullness of bleak winter. The white bloomed first and is a knock-out! Huge multi petaled flowers, like lilies. Looks like this

I'm not good with a camera so I'm using pretty web pics to give you the idea. In fact, I gave her all three of these just not all in one pot

The striped one is prime right now & the red has just started popping

The white is a bit fiddly. It grew on extremely tall stalks with a tendency to tip but I still am going to snap them up next year!

The red stripe always looks better in the picture but in RL the red is actually pale and more of a coral? Nice for a change.

I prefer the pink myself. Altho now that I think about it the pinks I've gotten were not very pink

This years red is coming along and is a deep, saturated, true Red. Quite satisfying, if you are into that kind of a thing.

In other shopping news the little easter bunny pin came in and it is sweet. Not going to last with that pearlized enamal finish and fake pearl - but sweet enough and cheap enough! :)
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