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There was this episode in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, titled "The Body" in which someone dies. In a show about the supernatural and monsters and magic and vampires and, look at the Slayer in the freakin title! - there's some amount of death involved in the weekly stories. No doubt. When it finally occurs in this episode tho it has none of that involved, which is prob why it felt so shocking. It's just death.

My friend's mother started coughing up blood. Rushed her to hospital and, in this time of Covid, No she has cancer.
Because all the rest of the regular things that kill people every day are still out there.
I'm kinda shook.
And it makes all the flippant handwave excuses for ignoring Covid, "Everyone's gonna die of something!"

I mean, honestly, if I only had a nickle and a taser


That being said, I most certainly hope it is not for my friend's Mom.

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