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Alton-Lusts random recommendations

The Garmin dashboard gadget. Need directions? Easy to program and gives good audio and visual directions that you can follow while driving. The most amusing bit is that if you manage to miss your turn the female voice gives a somewhat weary "Recalculating..." LOL

Bertolli pasta sauce. Used to be 5 Brothers brand. Top marks in nutrition and packed with flavor.

Bumble Bee Sensations, tomato and basil tuna 'medley'. Nummy and without mayo.

McDonald's cinnamon melts. Okay, I do not actually recommend them. They are pretty bland, packed with sugar and a total waste of calories. But on the other hand... cinnamon.

The TV show Good Eats. If you need a recipe, dear Mr. Brown will deliver one that is simple and tasty. The trick is that you must go to the Good Eats /fan site/ and read the transcript of the episode around the recipe you want. Your patience will be rewarded.

Vanilla Chai tea. :)

Sweeney Todd. Haven't seen it, but want to.

Launching the cat across the room by her neck when she yowls loud enough to wake the entire apartment building at 4 AM. Guilt aside, the improvement in her temperament has been dramatic.

Donating a toy for a child.

  • Saturday

    Saturday coffee feels way more friendly! Well, except I'm still at work.

  • I'm not forgetful...

    The nice lady said if it doesnt spark joy - throw it out!

  • Mornings

    It's morning. I dont know whether to complain that you're adding coffee to my milk or that you're adding milk to my coffee

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