alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Dear Moskow Mitch


You absolutely can not have it both ways. You want to say Hitler Babyhands is directly responsible, that he knew exactly what he was doing and yes, that he commited a serious crime, and he /is/ criminally lible?

But YOU vote that there was no crime & he is not responcible?

You say you want, & expect, OTHERS to do the actual standing up for justice?

Nope. You have to pick one. And by your vote - you did! You dont even have the balls to stand by your own convictions. Too fing funny.

So, my dear Republicans, I am more than DONE with you. You pledged your oath to be fair & impartial jurors and then did not even show up for the trial? You meet with the defence lawyers? You announce your decision before the evidence is presented? You dance & twist & crack your bones to fit into a distortion so you can vote the way you want to regardless of evidence.
This is not "fair and impartial" to the interests of the American People, aka The People. You ignored being fair & impartial. You broke your oath. REPEATEDLY.

This is an abusive relationship and I am DONE.
Over you. Buh bye.

P.S. yeah, I know there were 7 who voted to convict. and that I should give them credit. 7 out of //50//? 43 makes enough of a majority that the 7 votes did not convict and do not alter the fact that Republicans, 43 to 7, are DONE in my book.
Buh bye.
Tags: politics

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