alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Okay I /thought/ I had mentioned? I dont see it tho so forgive if this is a repeat

My mother is eligible for a vaccine shot.
My computer literate bro went online with her to the state's vaccine website, filled out a bunch of forms (you cant have my first born!) and she was given an appointment in...
More than a month.

K, fine.

Couple days later she gets a call from her friend, "They're doing vaccines at the high school TODAY!"
She hustled & got her first shot.

But, seriously, WTF? why is this by word of mouth??

California, some tech guys found themselves in similar boat of zero info on where to go and, being tech guys, they sat down & created a dashboard for their state. Click & find out where to go.

This roll out is FUBAR.

I still dont know if I should get one because one report /suggested/ that those who've had covid MIGHT have a stronger reaction? like a couple days feeling crappy? Not serious but...come on now. I'd like another report, please!

Sidenote: my covid doesnt feel real now. Like, I still do everything to be cautious? Nothing has changed.

I have to ask the red cross if i can still donate plasma for antibody therapy? i didnt really kick covids arse so they may not want mine anyway
Tags: health

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