alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Still my Boo.

I thought since I have a new tablet which needs a new case cuz none of my current accessories work with it, I might get one with my actor on it.

1) it is impossible to find specific pictures of him. Google ignores my search parameters and shows me the same pictures no matter what i type in. As usual. Same with Bing.
2) i cant pick from this list. I'm trying to find one that LOOKS like him and I can look at every time I open my device & these all suck. Too forced. Too blurry. Too everything.

I know what I want. I cant get the internet to COUGH IT UP

I want him one elbow leaning on the car. Or the one where he's wearing the hat & mostly in shadow.
I mean, I have my own list. My tablet crashed so I cant access any of it. Yay.
Tags: ab, shopping

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