alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Hi again & rant

So. Couple days ago my tablet screen went black and it wont turn on again. It is dead, Jimmy boy.

Oh look at that! New tablet has the same fing stupid annoying "shortcut" funhappyHELP where after I type something in it automatically repeats the last word I typed /every time/ i hit enter! Yippppeeee

Anyway, new tablet. My mother DID NOT LISTEN because why the flying F would she??? Every time I told her NO I do not want a giant tablet. I want the same small 7 screen so I can fit it in my bag & take it to work.
Giant honking fing tablet for xmas later...

And btw I bought my own 7 inch size replacement tablet 2 years ago? But have never registered it because you cant get beyond the registration screen until you enter in your credit card info? WTF is that? NO.

Giant wonking fing tablet demanded my Amazon account info which already has my credit card info.

Okay, I'm really pissed about a lot of things. I'm a tightly spinning ball of pure fury and angst.

ATM though, i'm pissed at mother never listening and then expecting praise for not listening?! And pissed at Amazon for demanding info they are point blank NOT entitled to.

I'm back. I'm pissed. Yer warned!
Tags: folks, mood, shopping

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