alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Covid True or False 4

4) after you have it, you can not get it again for 3 months?

... Likely TRUE

However!! The timeline is under dispute.
This one I can not answer with confidence at this point.

Ok actually me first, It appears generally accepted that your antibody defences decline after infection? But how fast? Where did this "3 months" window come from? I dont know?

In fact the CDC is remaining vague:
"Cases of reinfection with COVID-19 have been reported, but remain rare​.​"

What do we do with that? O.o The studies seem to indicate reinfection is rare but as overall case numbers rise the numbers of reinfections rise as well. Which is apparently why they are saying, "get the shot".

But the studies are really only /looking/ at those who have no symptoms for 3 months. Otherwise the people are just considered to be /still/ infected from their first exposure. So of those who seem "recovered" and then fall ill again (RARE) there are some whose test came back as a difference covid strain and THEY are considered to have caught it twice.

Thus I am having problems locating reliable sources on this one.

Do we take heart that reinfection is "rare"? Or do we get the shot?

This requires further digging. Get on the ball CDC!

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