alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Medical stressing

Venting. You may skip. Unless you are a paperwork expert?

I feel anxious. Which is my usual MO, I grok. But my medical and work situation are intractable. I got covid & did the right things. Went directly to the testing. Called out. Alerted work & my doctor's office as soon as I got my test results.
But my doctor is not actually My Doctor. It's a walk-in clinic. A terrible one at that. When I told them their reaction was "ok. So what?"
10 days later I alerted my insurance company that I needed Medical Leave because my workplace only allows 10 days off for covid. Um...
Which means now paperwork is involved. But who the hell is supposed to fill out the paperwork? Everyone keeps telling me, "your doctor". I dont HAVE a doctor. I called doctors but no one will take a new patient without physically /seeing/ a new patient and...COVID.
So who fills out the paperwork?
How do they fill out "Yes, she was sick MORE than 10 days if they didnt SEE me?" They can't! They can not retroactively "witness" my illness. So now what?

*facepalm* Why is life always a fing SAGA??

Tags: health, work whines

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