alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Oh for F sake...

I tried to log in to get my test results and I can not. Because I dont have an activation code. Which was not sent to my email. Because no one ever ASKED for my email. Because when I called my doctor, "I have symptoms. Where do I get tested?" The doctor said "X place" and I said "Great!" But the doctor never notified the test site I was coming in. Which is prob why he testing site had me pull out of line "we're having trouble locating your test"

I got tested tho. There's an answer somewhere.

My doctor is SO GREAT.


Btw, i've moved onto sniffles so....prob a cold or reg flu.

Work needs a copy of my test results. This should be fun...

I swear to the STARS if this ends up with me hours on the phone again every day between "no we never got that from them. Yes, of course we did send OUR stuff to them. I dont know why they didnt get it....." Back and forth Bullship
I shall start legal action! How's that for a threat?
Tags: health, mood

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