alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Touching heart strings

The insomnia is back. Yay.

Today customers were miserable or drunk or miserable drunk. And because they did nothing to change their situation - I must presume that was the condition they came to indulge in. More power to them, I guess. What ever floats your boat, honey. I dont have to go home to ANY OF YOU. That's my reward! :>

Now, if you 'd like one of those GOOD cries?

Ads made to make you cry from around the world. I highly recommend 20 minutes in (20:20 by my count! Ha!)
And the ad that states strait out it challenges you to /not/ cry. The one with the little thief. The two after that are also really good. Ads, so pretty short.

Did you cry? :D
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