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Am I a Revolutionary?

There's a war at work. A revolution is at hand. We stand on the brink.
Do I pick up my pitchfork and join? Or do I keep my head down and wait to see who wins before I pick a side?

My parents want me to wait. My family are not fighters. Never have been. "Be nice."

There is a blue bracelet. It says 'Union'. If I wear this blue bracelet at work then I have put on the war uniform and declared my side.

Keep my head down. Stay quiet. Play along. Smile and tote the party line to the boss and vote however I want. Quietly. Thus keeping my job safe.

Stand up in front of my coworkers, the bosses, and the world. Thus putting my job and my future at great risk.

I don't know, John Adams. I am no fire brand. Do I risk being fired? Do I risk my friendships? Do I risk /being wrong/? Do I risk?

I'm already obnoxious and disliked. I have distributed the bracelet to tons of coworkers. Most are wearing them hidden under the cuffs of their shirts. Do I dare to wear mine on the outside to show I am not afraid? I am afraid!

But am I committed? Will I stand up for what I believe is right when others oppose me? Will I risk myself to protect and enable others who do not have the courage? Have I courage?

I am afraid. But I think I must risk.
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