alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Whine. Yer warned

My shoulders are intensely painful. The pain goes down my arm on the right side & into my hand, also under my arm. It just /hurts/. Sleeping is not great. Work sucks. Everything sucks.
I am trying different things. Advil. Tylenol. Heating pad. Rubbing my neck. Sleeping on my back only (no choice there.) Called my doctor but havent heard back.
Today I am trying new bras in a bigger size to try to take some weight off my shoulders and ribs.

BTW the only place that carries my style bra is Kohls.


The double the price of anywhere else and then dangle %25 off as if were a big gift? Not amused!


In other news... Nope. I can not move past the idea that something bad is going to happen to change the election results.

Btw, all y'all with the "a divided government is good and necessary!" about the senate? F U. Y'all whined when we had a split gov & nothing got done cuz Party of NO. Y'all cheered when Rep controlled everything. Sit your arse down & "reach across the aisle".

In other, other news - I'm trying to come up with a nice EASY nail paint design for Diwali this weekend. I'm thinking some sort of flame.

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