alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Did I see my shadow?

It is after 3:30 PM on Nov 4th. I know nothing! Have I been enjoying my news black out? Yes, yes I have indeed.
I spoke to my brother last night and he had the TV blaring so /a little/ got through but nothing of any importance.
Last evening as he was following state by state and county by county, I watched Monty Python episodes 1&3. Then, as I had told my brother I would, I watched some of "The Great Race". Seemed topical!

"You cheated! Youuuu cheated!"

I wished I had enjoyed it more but it is SO problematic. Natalie is shrill. Her character is written to be shrill. Made worse to learn the men were horrible to her on set!

So I switched to "The Assassination Bureau".

Which was problematic too. Diana Rigg is beautiful, very proper English and...maidenly innocent? Honestly? She's got to be in her 30's. Completely unnecessary and laughable with her very mature and worldy voice. Plus the ending made her character out to be the world's slowest, most useless, biggest IDIOT while Oliver Reed has saved the day.
C'est les cinema.
Oliver was mildly entertaining.
I mean, if it wasn't for the drinking, I can see the appeal of the pitbull who speaks like a lord. Plus surprise appearance by The Master! I should mention that the costumes were pretty damn good.

Meanwhile back in reality, 4PM,

I have come to realize that no one is blowing up my phone with either triumph or defeat. That there is no crowing means to me that there was no wave. The young don't care about the enviroment. The old do not care if they have health care. The rest in the middle don't care about their lives or anyone else's. Which makes me sad. My country tis of thee.
Hardly want to catch up on the news now do I?
Hats off to you, America. It is respectful as the procession passes by.

Nov 4 6PM

I texted my friend, who is the only one I could take the news from as I informed her, and she has said things are still undecided. Which, as stated above, is disappointing for the lack of slam dunk. :( But not entirely unexpected.
I am disappointed. But we shall see.

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