alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Let's try this again

Yeah big ol spoiler alert, right?
This was SUPPOSED to post at 8 PM!
Le sigh. Fing LJ.
But considering the hour I posted it last night I cant be surprised at the fing military fing time mix-up because I'm a NORMAL person and not in the fing military!!!

The end is near? No it isn't! Relax!

I'm not doing this stuff

Am not. No.

I'm posting this on Monday so I really, really don't expect to be. What's the point?

I am doing this!

Put on the music, pop your collar and dance!


Dance, I said!

Shake your booty! Shake, shake, shake!

Or watch a silly movie. Then sleep! Nothing else for it!

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