alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Ear worm? Ew!

Music 🎶
So what is on your MUST list of Halloween songs?

I have to listen to
Werewolves of London, (special mention to Excitable Boy)
The Monster Mash (special mention to The Blob)
Pipe organ from Phantom of the Opera (opening riff)
Maxwell's Silver Hammer
Thriller (cant do the dance)

I mean there's a ton of other songs on theme that I like (witchy woman, superstitious, roland rhe headless thomson gunner, black magic woman, that ol black magic, i put a spell on you, highway to hell, devil imside, voodoo doll, purple people eater, the freaks come out at night, horror movie theme music, little red riding hood...she's in costume & so is he so it counts, right?)

What's top on your jukebox?
Tags: halloween

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