alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

1 There's a pretty big local spike. Up 6x

2 just watched a coworker turn away from customers, pull his mask off, sneeze into the air, put his mask back on & go back to working with his customers. Nor even using rhe sanitizer inches away.
Not one customer batted an eye.

3 coworker tells me he hung out with a friend all day & then that friend tested positive. "But I feel ok so I came to work."

Subpart of that is that 5 minutes /later/ I'm like, "wait. Did he get tested too? He needs to get tested!"

4 i've seen 1 customer come in 3 times now without a mask. I've been polite. I've alerted security each time. I see him today & I'm gonna scream at him like a siren.

How's YOUR day?

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    I was making up an excuse to post this? No excuse! I like the background. Very not WB

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    I've been putting off going back to the dentist because 1 DENTIST 2 covid Now my teeth hurt. Danmit.

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