alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

I've said I dont know what to do about Halloween this year.

I heard somewhere that a haunted house attraction IS going to open this year? Which seemed weird so I looked up what the story is.

New Orleans'selection came up first and the precautions sound reasonable. Tickets sold online only & for specific days & times to minimize lines. You can only go through with the people you arrive with. Masks must be worn at all times. The actors will wear masks at all times as either part of their costume or under make-up.
The themes sound pretty interesting as well. One being "phobias". Bet they have spiders!

LJers, if you were putting together a haunted house this year - what would your theme be?

Then I started reading tips for performance, make-up, scenery, etc over on Haunt world...

And I'm wondering if it would be a relief to scream & scream & scream over things that are terrifying & surprising & nasty & gross

But NOT harmful


I wouldnt know because the slightest jar to my heart is surely gonna kill me and that is yet another dumb way to die.

StPeter, "So what happened?"
Me, "Some guy in an amusement park jumped out & went AAAAAH!"
StPeter, starteled, "Aaaaie!"
Me, "Yeah, I know!"
StPeter, "Very funny. You can join that other line."

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