alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Something else that really bothers me is the US census asks for your name, your address, your age and
Are you Hispanic?

It asks that before anything else. Are you Hispanic? If yes, what kind? If no, move on.

Then it asks about race. Are you white? Black? Asian? Native American? Hispanic?
Please print what kind inside the 16 little letter boxes.


I mean, I get that it is trying to locate minorities to divvy up resources BUT

And how do I answer this? I'm 6 different things! Doesnt fit into 16 letter boxes! How far back are we talking? If just my patents then why isnt "American" an option for everyone? Somebody official wants to dig into history. Dont see why they want some people's parent and other people's great, great, greats. Makes no sense!
I am 6 things. I should not have to pick and choose. Other people do not have the right to pick and choose for me to suit their needs.
They group people weirdly. Why would someone from Egypt be grouped with Japanese? Because they arent black or spanish enough?

It is a dumb, ignorant, backwards way to view the world.

America. Melting pot. Just dont color the sauce...

And dont get me started on the "what's your relationship to person 1" question. Fie!

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