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Did I mention Yay Kamala? Cuz Yay!

Black Lives do Matter. Do unto others.

I was shocked and thrilled that so many sports teams refused to play in protest! And a broadcaster dropped his mic & walked off the set! That was amazing! Disappointed that they have gone back to work before the needle moved. I dearly //hope// there wont be any other incident that would cause they to strike again. However.

Btw, did you know the guy the cops shot 7 times in the back? Paralyzed? They still handcuffed & shackled him to his hospital bed while he was in recovery from his surgery. W T F. Afraid he was going to escape the guard? Yes, he was also under guard. Cuz he's /that/ dangerous. O.o

Things are happening. Many many things. I dont always comment, but I prob see 'em. You already know me. Yadda yadda.

Oh, before you do any dance that taxes are not coming out of your paycheck? They are only POSTPONED. You still owe them. Bill total comes at the end of the year. K? K. Plus the taxes are for Social Security. I have never fathomed why Repubs are so keen to kill off Social Security. They vote to kill it /evety time/. WTF? Yet if I say, "You dont want it - dont collect your share!" They start screaming that No, they want /theirs/. WTF?

Do Unto Others, Bozo.

Circus peanut just....Ugh. Dont go there.
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