alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Zap! Faraday saves the day

Electricity! Zap! Or ZOT if you are in B.C. ;)

Ok, I admit my actor mentioned in his blog that if one gets caught out in a lightening storm one should get into a grounded building or a car with rubber tires.
Which gave me pause because I seem to recall going to the Boston Science Center & being told the insulation part of a car is actually the metal frame. Which sounds contrary ....However.
Faraday Cage! Electricity looks for the /easiest/ path to the ground and, although we are bags of water, metal car frame is a far better conductor so the zap travels on the metal and in fact goes on the outside of the metal.
Boston Science Center demo, the short version.
Caution: it is loud. You see the teacher running their hands across the inside of the cage too. Scary! Science!

Place looks cool, doesnt it?

Dunno how they talked this guy into an iron maiden...shot with a million volts

Adam Savage dances to Doctor Who theme inside a faraday cage. Cute.

Top Gear demonstrates from inside a car

Tesla coils sing? Is this real?
I mean, ACDC "thunderstruck" is pretty obvious pick

I suspect this is more the lightening plasma ball thing that reacts to music? I could be wrong. But stay the hell off the dance floor!

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