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Rant alert!

Work & politics so... At your own risk

Meeting at work to discuss Do we need a new plan for committee due to the virus making everything wonky or can we carry on as usual?
My personal feeling is No Idea. Things could be better in a month or could be worse? Could be better in 3 months or could be worse? Delaying things doesnt really address that.
But delaying things /could/ allow participation of other coworkers IF things get better? Which I'm always for - inclusivity of as many as possible! But is it likely? Not especially.
Eh. I admit I had no firm opinion.
The vote was to delay.

Now here's the thing. One committee member /apparently/? wanted to not worry about the other coworkers who /might/ return? Which is certainly an understandable choice. Fine.
But then the member complains loudly that the union wasnt allowed into the committee meeting /to represent /all the workers/.
1) pandemic! Meeting limited to members only because...pandemic!
2) you -just- voted to screw over (a small % of) the workers, didnt you? You're fine with them not having a voice!
3) GOD DAMN IT //you// were the main raving push to REMOVE representative voices IN THE COMMITTEE IN THE FIRST PLACE.
So NO. Even the union President does NOT "represent" anyone in these meetings other than himself. Period. End of story! THAT is what you wanted and what I fought against for 4 years so...
SUCK IT when you cant bring your friends & outnumber everyone else on stuff only YOU care about just so YOU can feel powerful and vent your spleen on everyone else who are /trying/ to think of the entire workforce.

Ahem. End rant.

New rant! Politics.
While I'm here I shall also mention that when voting to pick a state rep I was tempted to automatically pic the woman because I feel we need more women in office?
Howsomeever I dug a little deeper into /both/ candidates positions on issues and when she equated the personal choice on owning your own body meant the choice of abortion AND whether to vaccinate your kids?

Which made me really think about WHY that doesnt fly with me?
I've decided that NOT having the choice of an abortion is actually = NOT having the choice TO vaccinate your kids. No Mom, you can NOT make a decision that will protect yourself, the rest of your family,and everyone in the community.
No vaccine, no abortion =the mom can die.
No vaccine, no abortion =directly impacts the entire family future.
Directly impacts the community.
That is the equivelence.

I voted for the scientist.
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