alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

On a better note...

While I worry about the terrible temptation of enormous profit that hangs so invitingly from a virus vaccine

I am at least reminded that covid is NOT an influensa virus. Different animal.
Which means that while you need a different flu shot every year because it mutates so often and mixes with its own kind.

Covid mutates at a FAR slower rate and doesnt have the ability to mix with others of its kind like that.
One or maybe two shots /should/ be effective.

I do understand that part of why all the vaccine trials and research are going so fast is because we've a LOT of teams working on it all over the world. We're all better at vaccines because technology & science advances of the recent past. HIV, ebola, etc.

But... I have a moments pause when I recall that the FDA has really dropped the ball in recent years. How many ads tout some new pill for whatever (ask your doctor!) Only for the next ad to be a legal services ad "did you take that one from a couple months ago? Want to sue for damages?"
It is frustrating, that is.

Part of me wants to join clinical trials. Part of me says, "they need to study for at least 2 years? What if I get one & there's a better one available & now I cant get that one?" I'm really very risk adverse.


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