alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Conpliracy hats on! (Yes I changed the spelling on purpose. If one is going to be paranoid, make the effort!)

So, vermin network is Adding cgi crowds to sporting events. That cheer or boo on command. Even do the wave at the press of a button. Makes the stadium look full to capacity.

All good tech gets used for evil, we know this. Rallies? Are we going to never again see babyhands address empty seats? A cgi wall of enthralled? Are we going to hear cgi crowds cheering his every word? Chanting whatever slogan is typed in?
Would we know a fake? Will we? If it is broadcast by only the invited? If it is attended only by the invited? Who would argue? Who would believe them?

These things matter.

He has promised "stormtroopers" to watch over voting. He has promised to rearrange voting areas before the election to favor himself.
He has, again, no intention of respecting a result that goes against him. "I'll have to see."

These things matter.

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