alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Drive & confused

My brain isnt working
I got in trouble at work for a pretty large error
I'm not even sure I can focus enough to decide whether I care?
Hot flashes are back
It's just a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Speaking of neighborhood, did I mention the road repaving? On ALL the roads? Which leaves everyone driving this way & that like rats in a maze trying to fnd a path that will allow you to leave the burough.
You think the construction workers know or care? They do not care, this I know.
I mean, a freaking DETOUR sign is too much to ask? Really?? Gotta go all the way to the end of the road to be told it is closed? Drive up and all the way back? 7 different roads? SEVEN?

At one of them the lady in front of me saw the construction workers, stopped her SUV in the middle of the road, and got out of her car to wave everyone behind her to turn around & go back.
Only... I can see the construction worker trying to wave her through. I'm yelling, "you can go!" And she's yelling, "turn around!". The construction worker gets bored and goes back to ignoring us.
I realize 2 things. It is hopeless. She is trying to be kind.
I give in, smile, wave & yell "thank you!" as I turn my car around. Whatcha gonna do?

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