alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

I dont want to be That Guy
But I also do not want THAT Guy coming into my workplace

The TVs at work are all tuned to sports 99% of the time. Because Men feel that entitled that they dont even have to ponder what Women might want. Nevermind sharing. *eyeroll*
I Digress.

I was okay with the sports fishing. Thrill a minute.
I got squirmy when it switched to deer hunting. Squirmed more when it was featuring small children on their first "hunt".
(Btw, if you sit in a blind, is that hunt?)

But then it switched to these slow, loving, porno pans along AK machine guns with a full crecent clip on top? O.o Some guy holding it with the sensuality of a lover? Slo-mo of the firing action, of targets getting shredded, of bottles of red liquid exploding...?
Interspersed with white guy in suit & tie, sitting like a lawyer in an office of book shelves & a big american flag behind him as he talks proudly of whatever..

Now, /I/ feel this is entirely inappropriate for a public work space crowded with people.

But I pause to ponder - is it offensive enough to change the channel? Why? It is sports. We show fishing and hunting which are violent deaths of animals. We show ultimate fighting & boxing.

Whatcha thnk?

I do not want my workplace shot up

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