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Work work work

In cafeteria I get, "There's a place to charge your phone? How the hell did you find that outlet back there?"
I shrug but in my head I'm all, "I have an obsession with an actor and nobody is getting in the way of my checking his blog, is how.".
I'm the thief in the D&D game checking the area for outlets is how! I know they done hid it! :D

I am surprised that so few people are wearing fun masks. Or even pretty ones. Some guy had what looked like a blue plastic cupcake holder or creamer from a teaset strapped to his face with big gromets and straps. It was a little hard to tell if it was kinky or kitchy? O.o

Work is work. I can handle the social distancing & masks and I'm much better about not touching my face
This bit of scrubbing everything down every few minutes? Is exhausting! "Omg, I touched somethng! Wash it! Wash my hands! Damn now I have to wash this too! And my hands!"
Wash Rinse Repeat

My brother got me this office supply thing that does a really good job as a nose piece for a mask. It bends, yet holds its shape. It is about 1/4 inch wide and maybe 4 inches long so it contours most of the top edge of e mask Has an adhesive side. I guess it is used to hang file folders or something? One catch- the ends are pointed. If something hits my face I will lose an eye. Hmmm....

It is weird being back at work. Have to say.

We're advertising that we are operating at 1/4 capacity "for safety". What they /dont/ tell you is that they closed off the other 3/4 of the property so everyone is in the one open area. Quarter capacity, my eye.

I am amused by watching people interact with the social distance spacing circles on the floor. Some people dont /seem/ to notice them and wait in line the normal distance out of habit, I suppose. Others are more obviously defiant. But most are standing directly on, "you cant yell at me! See? I'm on my circle!"

I wonder if cat people are more likely to put their feet right inside the circle? ;) "I fits!"

Sidenote: dude, I see the vest on your dog and it reads "service dog" ...but a service dog is not walked on a big heavy metal chain AND a service dog only has to be told something once AN$ a service dog does not bark.
Who's zooming who? Zoom in. Zoom out!

Oh! I have to go check the tik tok of sarah coller? Lip synching babyhands. You seen it? I hear it is funny/scary good? SArah cooper
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