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Woods. Big cornfield areas, which are big for /here/. Over in Michigan I saw fields bigger than my town.
At the lake, if yoh squint, you might see the 2 family of canadian geese by the sandy shore? I had no idea they were so skittish. They swam in from the right, came onto the very far side of the beach and then piled back into the water when the kids came in from the left (see red jacket.). I'm up in the parking lot and they were keeping away from /me/. There are stories of wildlife getting closer without so many humans around. THe olive sea turtles came ashore to lay eggs during the day, which is unheard of

And the mystery beast, if it will load...

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    Tired Not My Cat is not my cat if he prefers the neighbor Side question: How does 1 cat on the bed Manage to make it feel like this?

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    This was just posted for we employees to see We needed this 20 years ago. Even 2 years ago

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