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Photo ramble

Image Heavy! Sorry

These are semi-detached to me. Apartments not 'condos'. I dont know, maybe it is a posh term thing? Groups make it "apartment complex". A single building along the road of 6-10 of these housing units is still "apartments" but not an "apartment building". "A row of flats" ! A New Yorker said he lived in a "garden apartment" which I think means a row of flats with backyards all divided by tall fences. Why all my dwelling on dwellings? I'm cooped up! No judging! :p

What's a "horizon"? Never seen one. ;)

Some stonework. Interesting building that I'm only showing you lesser pieces of. If you want to track me down I'm not just going to hand easy ones to you. :p

Lady O? More lions lurk!

Serious Garden.
I dont think you grasp how tight the space is the stone lions guard

The Surrender Dorothy tree and proper woods woods. Complete with leaf litter floor & pointlrss stonewall. We have a lot of rocks.


Multi-family houses grow oddly. Nice but odd

There's a proper name for walls with pointy rock tops. Cant think of it.

Ent! Photos do not do justice to being stood next to a tree that watches

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