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Damn, i fat.

Because I am indeed supserstitious. Why take chances now?
Oy. Watching an interview of a couple of hair stylists who reopened their shop in Atlanta, Georgia. They are explaining all the public health safety measures they are using in the salon including, "We're each wearing a mask". I'm watching her mask. As she's talking, every time she opens her mouth to speak, her mask slips down below her nose. Which means the whole top of the mask is wide open and she's not even breathing through the mask. Useless. Lady, your salon safety is out the window and you don't even notice? Bye!
I see a LOT of people with poor fitting masks that slide down just like this. Chin warmers. The wire across the nose helps. But as the weather heats up I can foresee widespread problems as people rebel against having a hot air mask on their face. Le sigh. "The heat kills the virus!" Well, maybe. But we don't know that nor how hot it has to be? Is it that hot inside? How long does it have to stay that hot? If people are getting fevers and the virus is surviving that heat - how hot does it have to get?
I have no answwers.
Unexpected benefit to this mask thing - hey, no make up! Which isnt a huge deal for me because I didnt wear much before this. Hmm, I should shape my eyebrows. Maybe coordinate eyeshadow and mask. Weird.
Hey! Stupid? "I had the virus in Feb. Open up the state because I'm ready to get back to work." What about all the people you infected? And the people they infected? And the chain of infection still going on? You want to get it again? You want to spread it again? Sit your dumbarse down.
Dumb people everywhere. Snopes is busy.
8 zoo tigers and lions, two house catsand now a dog have tested positive for the virus. Dear World, you keep testing your humans, the US has got this pet thing. Priorities, you know. Hrumph. I can understand it being information humans might need as we fight this stupid virus. Pets are in most homes. But yeah, I want people to get a damn test! What's the hold up? Why are the rich out there BUYING tests? As many as they want? I don't get it.
I really do not understand having Blue Angel jets flying as "a tribute". Pride? Dude, you created a crowd. Plus, jets fly out of airports every hour. Dont do me any favors. Hrumph. However, I do get that it is something /different/ happening in a string of terrible days and that can help.
Did you see the Bohemian rapsody virus parody? Funny as heck! Good stuff. "Is this a sore throat? Is this just allergies?..."
Joke "I've been telling people for years that cats are better than children. In 2 weeks everyone agrees with me."
There are a lot of dogs in my neighborhood. Couple chihuahuas, couple of shepards, a boxer and a lot of pitbulls. All the dogs look healthy, which is awesome. But. But I do not appreciate people having to yell at their dogs because the dog is being threatening towards any stranger walking along the sidewalk. People, socialize your damn dog. If this is what you train your dog to do? What is wrong with you?? This is why pitbulls have a bad rap! If your dog goes ahead and bites someone, as you /want/ them to do - they're going to kill your "vicious" dog. I dont understand how you can do that.
Devinsupertramp world video. Visual escape website. Very nice visuals. Recommended.
I do not understand why every other flu nobody really worried? I mean, yes, this is an extremely lethal one. I get that. But nornal times I wipe down the handle of my shopping cart and avoid coughing people. Now I'm afraid of my groceries and wearing a madk. Is this THAT much more contagious? O.o

Puppies and rainbows. Kittens and panda cubs.


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