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Dump 12

First, a most blessed Ramadan to those observing. Be in health.

With love to Eric Idle, "Cover your face and tell me that you love me! I'll cover my face and say that I love yoooou! We'll both be fine, 6 feet tween mine & thine, so cover your face, cover your face, cover your face!"
LOL! The things that go through my brain!
Always look on the bright side of life! *whistle*
And The Universe song


I am feeling stressed. It is night time so, yeah that happens. I mean, you'd think that not having to go to work would drop my stress levels, right? Not so much. My stress is free floating!
But my apartment needs organizing and cleaning. Like WHOA. Which stresses me. My sleep schedule is upside down. As it started out sideways I'm not sure where that leaves me. I've all these projects crowding my head. Oy.
Exercise is supposed to help combat stress. The pressure of trying to fit exercise into my schedule does not.
I am listening to new music. AJR "Bang!", My Chemical Romance, "Teenager". I'm listening to old music. Sammy Hagar, "I cant drive 55", ? "Your my kinda lover", ACDC "Money talks". Listening to calm music. Ludvicio, "Night", Vengelis "le petite fille de la mer". Listening to podcast "Stories on stage: summertime". Country music. Eric Church, "keep looking at me", ? "I'm from the boondocks".
I just can't listen to babyhands' voice at this point. It is just a visceral reaction. Stop The Insanity! Heh
"There are more important things than living!", Said the Texas lieutenant governor. No, seriously, he said that when asked about the decision to reopen the state. Those words. In the context of "Sure, every life is important BUT". O.o Excuse me, sir, but you 're now going to have to report to a ventilator for a month and forfit all your wealth and possessions. Just like a normal person you are casually throwing on the fire. Please follow the guard.
The mayor of Vegas wants to reopen all the casinos and then close the ones "with the most virus". Say what now? Anderson Cooper, "The people working on the floor will be risking their lives." Mayor, " You're talking /disease/. I'm talking Life. Life & making a living." Mayor, please follow the Texas lieutenant governor and report to your hospital bed. You just volunteered. WHY are these people so blithly ampted up to send minium wage workers to their deaths? Oooo because $$$? $$$! But for you, not for the workers. Posh posh.
These are called "dump" posts. Cuz full of ****. ;)
It is a plague time. I am living in a time of plague. Around me I see a community relatively free from fear. They seem to believe they are safe. Plague is not here. It will not come here. For We are better than those who have it. We are cleaner, smarter and most importantly more moral than the filthy, dumb, poor and lowly depraved ones who are smitted by it. They live elsewhere. They are not Us. We are smug in Our refusal to wear masks. The pure do not require masks. This thing shall happen elsewhere. But should it happen here, I can easily see the fear wouod rise and become suspicion, become accusation, become anger. The Other is now here and must be fought aainst. YOU, you are unclean, you are unrighteous, you stay away from my family! Will there be mercy for the unclean? Wil food be brought and sympathetic prayers? Prob. Beause if the plague touches Us, We are not unworthy, We are afflicted and most unfairly by something without a mind, which does not discriminate who it touches. Then it is a random curse that effects all. Those it spares are not more pure, more beloved. They are simply lucky. Lucky by accident. You know, SCIENCE. ;) Science also tells me that money can buy you luck in this lottery which is a sad truth. But I do see the mindset of The Lottery just peering around the corner. All normal life until the first draw.
BTW if you have never read The Lottery short story? DO IT. It is a short story. You have the time now. I'll just wait here, shall I?
I KNOW! Amazing, isnt it? Yeah, makes way more sense now, right?
Okay, time to gird my loins and head out. Techinically gird my face. Strap on my armor. My trusty disinfectant at the ready. Close combat with the enemy by staying a wily 6+ feet out of sword range. See, I just need to picture everyone else as swinging swords and pole weapons. Easy peasy! Ok, if you knew that I used to do mock combat then you'd be all "easy peasy!." I kinda miss it. I was good with pole weapons. Sweep the leg!


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