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Dump 9

Dump... 9? It's a lot of rambling. Lot. Buckets.
Sports radio. Idiots. "Why can't we have major league sports going on right now? The players are all young, healthy guys. They're not the ones dying of the virus. Why can't they play?"
...Because they could still die.
...Because they have families that could die.
...Because they do not work inside a bubble. There are groundskeepers, camera operators, janitors, laundry people, bus drivers, water boys, catering, production staff, referees and umpires, engineers, mechanics, etc etc who could die.
...Because all those other people also have families.
...Because all those other people also come into contact on a daily basis with their own trash collectors, laundrymats, restaurant workers, etc etc
...Because you are asking all of these other people to risk their lives and the lives of their loved ones...

Stop whining, you little piglets. Grow up. Man up. Take a good look at what it is you are being asked to sacrifice to save Merican lives and a good hard look at what you are asking other people to sacrifice.
Honestly. Men suck.
...Because even IF these people do not die they can get sick enough to require medical care which puts medical personel at risk. Medics could die.
...Because every bed they use is a bed that could have been given to someone else. Patients could die.
...Because every medication they use, every ventilator, every test, every swab, every gown, every mask, every doctor, every orderly...all the people & stuff used to care for the people who get sick could have been used for others.
But /YOU/ are BORED?
Come on, men. Come on.
My inner toddler has been kicking my arse, frankly. She's been demanding plants since the shut down started. Must be all the garden shows and the turn of the weather. Tulips, hyacinths, cactus, pansies. Yesterday she focused in on hydrangias and kicked the back of my chair all day long. Specifically the bright hued purple ones. (Shh. I think she heard that. Shh.) I saw some a week ago at Walmart and the thought has been bouncing around my head ever since. Inner toddler dragged me to 4 other stores, with far fewer people, but normal blue flowers were not good enough. Too flat toned. I then drove away from Walmart 3 times trying to reason with her. Ha! Brat. She eyed the giant purple ones critically, selected, and...liked the tiny pot of pale blue ones best? Because she's a brat. And my inner Grandmother liked the $3 price tag. So I've a pot of hydrangias on my ironing board. Plants are good. They are alive, which is good. White, green, very pale blue and the darkest blooms also have a blush of pink. Inner toddler has settled down. Triumphant. Brat. Feeding her french bread toast prob also helps.

My family has started making noise again that I should be quarentined inside with my mother. O.o About the only thing more stressful than being quarentined alone is the thought of being trapped in a house with my family. Hells bells, morons, I ran away /three times/ to escape that! You may choose to mentally edit history and erase that but it is still in MY book. Go pound sand. Dad won't even be there this time. F off.

In other news, I seem to be able to walk for 30 minutes OR for 2 hours. When I walk for 1 hour and then stop I feel faint, my head aches and my body feels really weird & tingly. My blood is not accustomed to traveling about like this? But 2 hours & I'm fine and ready to keep going all day! At least it feels like that at the time. By 2.5 I might feel like I'm dying, one never knows. I stopped at one today. Still feel weird. Drink more water! Trying.

I haz sewing machine, did I mention? My sewing friend lent it to me because that one I found ages ago on the side of the road doesnt work right. The top thread & the bottom thread do not connect. Now I just need to clean an area big enough to work AND is close to an outlet. Yeah, sure. What year will that be? My ambition always outstrips my abilities. Again, the inner toddler. "I'm gonna be an astronaut! But an astronaut that catches fireflies cuz I'm scared of heights." You know what? I need to channel my Inner Grown Up. :p
I adore my actor obsession. The actor or the obsession? As an actor, as a handsome man, as a person. He is a husband. He is a father. This complicates things. He is older and starting to look Old. Grandfatherly even. He reminds me of my father at times. It is very complicated. My feelings around him are complicated.
He's a millionaire. He always dresses like he's a mi!lionaire. Very classy. From his glasses to his cufflinks to his socks and shoes.
He shares his wealth. I mean, up to a point. He's no Mother Teresa. But who is? She's a blooming Saint! But he /appears/ to make true efforts to help those who need help most. Which is endearing.
"Are you ready for me? Legendary. " lyrics.
CT Governer, "The world is upside down. This is the opposite of what I normally tell my kids. 'Dont go to school! Dont play ouside! Dont visit your grandparents!' But we'll get through this."
I have youtube. Limited. But I had a lovely few minutes last night listening to my obession's voice singing into my little headphones. *bliss*
Why are they called headPhones? They ring in your ears?

Hey, conspiracy! I mean, I've shared the ones about data harvesting and location tracking by nefarious entities. New one - They say there may be a new test, at some point, where you spit into a cup to give a sample. That widespread testing is the way out of pandemic. Given that the geneology testing that people sent in has been co-opted and accessed by law enforcement without people really being aware that this would happen - what sort of use consent will there be with this virus testing and who will ultimately have access to the samples? I want to know. Now, before the horse is 7 pastures away from the barn door. Ya know?

Stephen Colbert is selling t shirts and the money will go to charities. Grey tshirts. Thank Gawd! Because right now while we're all trapped inside we really crave is to wear the color...grey. On beautiful spring days out the window what we crave is... grey. And when we are released out into the world again we will celebrate by wearing...grey. You're our savior, Steph. Yay. You know, I don t often get to tell him he's being an idiot. This is a weird time. Meanwhile I am tempted to get one, tuck it away for future eBaying, and then make my own version on COLOR tshirt. I dont like the slogan either. Steph is 2 for 2. :/

I am tipping double when I get take-out. I'm pretty sure I'm alone on this in my area.

Mmmm no, this is not a great equalizer. That's a myth. Rich still get to isolate with staff at their beck & call, with luxuries, with hella better medical treatment and outcomes. Equal is not equal.

Whaaaa? Guliani in an interview said that governors who want Babyhands to give them the life saving mecical supplies, "they have to let the boss win the golf game. He's the boss." *headexplode* He's an elected PUBLIC SERVANT, just like the Governors. The Governors are trying to serve The People because Mericans are dying. Babyhands is making people die. He's actually on the street shooting people and getting away with it, as he said he would. Bodies. Servant of...Whom? At the press conference other people have to praise him for the same reason the aids put his name into every paragraph of his briefing notes - so Babyhands doesnt get bored and wander off! That officials NEED to kiss his arse before they are permitted to save Merican lives? WTF???

The Queen, wearing green, on the screen, inviting meme, did she mean, for people keen, humor gleen, smiles beam, it would seem, one for the team.

Easter Quarentine Parade. Hee! FUNNY!

I was watching Jimmy Fallon, who I do not like, because he seemed to be the first to figure out how to do a NEW late night show. OMG I just realized I had started to like watching Lily Singh, who started her career on Youtube, but she hasn't figured out how to do new shows yet - WTH, She started her career on Youtube! Grrl? Grrl!

Burning Man will be virtual this year. Or it is simply the doped up, unwashed for a week, as dressed as I get now, zoom conference evolution of working from home? Yeah, me too.

"Keep one large aligator away from others." Florida. Trying to think what my area measurement would be? Arguing over the roof of a car distance? 2 man rowing skull distance? 4 lobstah traps?

Wait, this news guy's wife has been sick with the virus and isolated in the bedroom for 16 days. He just tested positive himself but hasnt felt sick. She comes out at the end of isolation and he's standing there in the kitchen? Dude, why isnt your ass in isolation? 14 days! Go! George something.

Kelly Clarkson cover of Seven Armies is good.

Sam Kineson, move to where the food is!
Eddie Izzard on Easter, need to hear that again. Vampirism!

If you had to be quarentined with one of the characters from The Chocolate Factor, who would you least like to be stuck with?

Just how old is Snow White supposed to be in that Disney movie? 18? 16? Younger? She gets married? Did she meet the guy before he kissed her? Child marriage doesnt seem very Disney.

Watching Antiques Roadshow!
Ooooo. A dome mirror with silverware handles set around it like sun rays. Very pretty. Slight shade variations in the metal looks nice. from Line Vautrin resin mirror. Pheonix roadshow Desert Botanical Garden hour 3.
Paraphernalia, 60s clothing . Very 60s. Diana Dew light up dresses. I just like the design. Fencing dress Emma style.

Roof ridge tile animal. Chinese. I need all the good luck i can get.

Owl jug by crown derby is so adorable I want one!

Music: Make way by Aloe Blacc

Dance cant dance till you cant dance no more!
Black Eyed Peas

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