alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,


Hey! Who wants to try a magic trick with me?
Okay, first you need a deck of cards.

Go dig it out of the back of the junk drawer or the game area. A full deck, please. No cheating!
Got one? Yeah, it was right there, wasnt it?

Okay, now shuffle the cards.
Can you do the bridge thing with the shuffle? Yeah, dont do that! You'll bend the cards and other people will get mad at you when they need the cards later.

Okay now think of a card. Got it? Hold that thought. Really focus on it and with your deck face down so neither of us can see them I want you to fan them out.

Okay, ready?
Now put your finger on a card and hold it there...
Is THIS your card?

Okay, some of you are saying No? For those it worked for..
How about this one?

Wait, I still hear a No? that?
How about the card under your finger, is that it?
No? Who is that? Well, you're a terrible assistant.

Okay, the trick needs a little refinement but I blew some of you away, didnt I? Whoooooot! :D


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