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Lost count. Think 7.
MUSIC : G. love "go crazy"
I think walking makes me more stressed. Of course looking in the mirror at my weigh gain has its own stress, so there ya go.
Wait, a TIGER got the virus? A freakin TIGER? Okay what startles me most is not that an animal got it, not that a zoo animal got it, but that the zoo animal got the /test/? Aren't we short on tests? Kind of impressed the test works on tiger snot. But WTH a tiger got it??
I'm still stressed. You'd have guessed this. Our latest briefing "Assume everyone has it." Which sounds reasonable and excellent advice. It promotes awareness and caution.
I don't like change. I should prob try to do something creative. Artsy.
John Cleese has joined @bookcameo & is "available to do shoutouts, greetings, and violent threats. Know somebody with a birthday or have an enemy with something you want? Well, you can hire me to send them a message." Sir John, send me a birthday something!
babyhands tweet, "Light at the end of the tunnel!" Josh Malina, " Go towards it! "
Jimmy fallon "i can start an argument with a single look" #myquarantinesuperpower
Other people's answers on twitter:

Russ, "i can summon voicemails by walking away from my desk for a minute."
Tara patterson, "My family has assumed its secret identity, The Just Us League"
Michelle king, "i can now predict the ending of all sports airred on espn"
Please wash your hands, "i can find my teenagers by changing the internet password"
The none and only, "sleep working"
Alexa I. "My spider sense tingles when one of my kids are near the refrigerator or pantry"
My own super powers are that I can make a home manicure last 4 days instead of 4 minutes. I can make 3 hours of really base-line minimal productivity take up an entire 24 hours. Time Lord!

Stephen Colbert in a midnight blue shirt. Ok, I like this look. A charity Colbert tshirt? "united we stand,DIVIDED xxwe fallxx" I do not like the graphic but the charity idea is good. YMMV
What is Quibi? Anybody know?

Many of my local news stations are ending their broadcasts with the good news story followed by a "moment of calm" which are anywhere from 15 seconds to over a minute of nature.
So this is retirement. Interesting. Not what I was expecting. Retirement without money. Yep. Hope this is a test run only. And that retirement without money will be a little better than this. Because I wont last.
Omg. I just realized that I havent had to watch vermin news in WEEKS! *bootydance* whoot whoot!
I overheard a conversation between men at a gas station, "i'm a believer in small government and the government shouldnt be telling people what to do. People should be able to make their own choices." Yeah, okay, fella but when they make the wrong choice and kill innocent people? Wait! I know your answer to this one! It's on the innocent people to not die? Right? Got it. Yeah, I know I have some disconnect with being Pro-Choice but I'll work on that later.
Damn I b fat. I'm squishy I am so fat. Like even more Fluff then marshmallow texture.

This Is Not Normal. Been saying this for 3.5 years. That we are this far from Normal is... What? I've no language for it. I mean, "Here Be Dragons " we're waaaaay past that part of the map. Possibly onto the blank side?
I do wonder how to help. I mean, here we are, all of us under threat, and all of us, or at least many, worried about a lack of medical access. We as a whole should be worried about this. And our medical people are screaming for the gear they do NOT have and NEED in order to help us. So how do we help them to help us? They need supplies. They are forced to bid against each other and then the Feds jump in and WHY is it an eBay snipper situation? WHY? How do We get money into the bidding process of our local? Should we?
My snack is wheat crackers with cheese food. Which I had to discover before this all went down when the food at work went to hell. Still, decent snack.
You know it is disaster prep when... I bought Velveeta. Blocks of cheese food. I grew up on it. Without it I would be 6 feet tall. Baloney& velveeta. Peanut butter& fluff. Hot dog Fridays. Saltine crackers with butter and velveeta cheese.
I wonder how many divorces we shall see on tbe other side of this.
I predict We shall be in quarintine through my birthday date. This is not new.
Why is someone in Chicago trying to call me on a fairly regular basis? O.o If it is Oprah, I understand but I am NOT talking to Dr Phil. Once he gets on the phone he drones on and uses up all my minutes. I'm not telling him again. Oprah is just going to try to crank call me as Queen Elizabeth again which is funny pretty much only because she cant stop cracking up.
Yesterday was nice weather. Nice enough that I saw a guy without his shirt on carrying stuff down the street from his car. Dark hair pulled back into a short ponytail and a neatly trimmed beard on an angular face. He was on the leanish side, well muscled, with that sculpted V shape and just enough dark chest hair at the top. Yeah, brought back memories. College boys. Musicians.
Going to grab something off twitter from Windsor Mann. "Isaac Asimov died OTD in 1992. This quotation from 1980 holds up: "There is a cult of ignorance in the United States...[it is] nurtured by the false notion that democracy means 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge'". ". Whew! A quote of someone quoting someone and at some point it becomes Meta. Or MegaGodzilla.
All Things Comedy appears to be doing some sort of Laugh Aid? @comedygivesback
The Daily Show is suggesting folks donate to #firstRespondersFirst . Sounds good. They are also summerizing the horrible white house (ahem) leadership as The Pandumbic.
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