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Dump post again

"Here I go again on my ownnnn, going down the only road I've knownnnn! Like a drifter I was born to walk alonnnne!" *power guitar solo*

I've been going through my larder. I apparently keep a running list of things I need going in my head. Useful! Not checking things OFF that list once I buy it? Not useful. i counted 8 cans of bathroom cleaner? Not so useful. 10 boxes of the same tea? Not so useful. I haz tea.

Weather has been, um, /Spring-like/. That's fer sure. One day warm, next day snow, next day balmy, next day rain. New England!

One of my outside doors is 4 glass panes across, 8 down. I am thinking of cutting bright tissue paper to fit into the panes for sort of a random stained glass look? Nice, bright, cheerful for the neighbors walking by? Which should tell you just how much I do NOT want to clean my house! Anything but that!

The pansies and tulips are doing well. The tiny cactus I bought are lined up on the bathroom's windowsill. (On the sunny side of the curtain but I know they are there.)

What do I need to get rid of cuz I'm sick of looking at it? The pot of dead lavender! Might not be truly dead but it looks dead and the fake flowers I jammed in there to brighten it up do not disguise that it is nailed to its perch and joined the choir invisible! It is a late lavender! *whackwhack* I can buy more. Maybe a teeny juniper shrub? Shrubbery!

Btw, chewy chips ahoy cookies(tm)? AWFUL. Terrible. Ugh. I ate a family size box in 3 days, but I did /not/ enjoy it. Which is why it has taken 3 days. Send pepperage farms!

Quick check in with politics - Really, Repubs? You're concerned that low wage workers will be given more money via this bill than they would have made working their crappy job? Really? That's your worry? Not that they can't live on their regular crappy low wage the rest of the time? Not worried there? REALLY?

Hmm. Maybe I will make a Masked Singer costume! Wait, you'll prob guess who it is... ;)

Deep dive into my DVDs - High Society. Blue collar comedy tour.

Walked today. 20 minutes. I may try to do that daily. Especially after giant boxes of terrible cookies. Ahem. (Walked an hour today. Ok, stopping to take pics but ya know...)

Music!: If you want to get all calm & mellow with me try Luminous World Orchestra, "grassland". Peace out, man!

The shopping channels are doing an exemplary(sp?) job of social.distancing, btw. They really began before St Pats Day when their Irish hosts couldnt travel in. Then they had the hosts & models stay at least 6 feet apart and all facing front. Now they are one host who is doing their own hair, makeup & the modeling, everyone else by phone, and very limited crew. Cool.

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