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Crazy Cat

My first draft of this story got wiped when I accidently hit one of those totally useless keys down below the shift. I'm just not in the mood to rewrite it. I'll edit this later.


Suffice to say atm that a neighbor's pitbull came into my yard and while it was having a doggie "says YOU" with the other neighbor's fenced in German Shepard, MY crazy freaky cat came bouncing up looking like...well if you took a toy jack and dunked it in iron filings and hit it with a magnet so the filings stuck out every direction - like that. He had to bounce because he was keeping all of his legs out in every direction. He bounced up behind the pitbull, hissing all the way hey, and tagged the pitbull until the pitbull turned around and chased him into the next yard where my cat dove under the fence and escaped.

Crazy. Freaky. Cat.

So I'm wondering if the cat was being insane or territorial or....

was my daring, handsome, brave, chivalrous, fit, charming, boy kitty actually putting his fur on the line to protect me from the Evil Pitbull that was growling just a foot away from me as I was unlocking my car?

I'm giving him the credit for it. My second choice for his name was Galahad, btw. :>


No, not like that, pervert.

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