alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Walking down a narrow back hall this morning, the coworker in front of me was hacking and coughing. Into the air I'm about to walk through. :/
I call out, "hey, grrl, cover your cough!"
She half-turns and glares at me, "What? You've never had a cough before?!"
"Just saying cover your cough."
"You've never had a cough before?!"


So. No, it doesnt matter how careful you are or how smart you are - STUPID GONNA COUGH ON YOU.
We're doomed.

I related the above to another coworker and he said, "They're very concerned that they dont catch it themselves but not at all concerned about giving it to someone else."
True Dat.

Then we talked HR Puffinstuff!

The hug is out. The handshake is out. The fist bump is out. The new cool thing is to stick your foot way out and touch shoe tips. You heard it here first. :)
Toe bump!

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