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I have a small family. Mother, 3 sibling households, 1 niece, 1 nephew. (Ok a TON of cousins too.)
Of these I am the ONLY one who has not been to or /live/ in a town where at least 1 person tested positive for this dumb virus. And I work inside large crowds.

My weekly phone call to Mother I say "all things being equal I may not visit for awhile". She gets annoyed at me. I leave it at, "we'll see how it goes."
I text my sis and she comes back with, "just rest, get plenty of water,'ll be fine!"
"Mother is in her 80s and her health isnt good, is my point?"
Sis comes back with, "i took her to a bridal shower this weekend where at least 50 of the people attending I dont even know and she's fine!"

This xmas my family noted that I had the best IQ score out of all of them. Terrific, but all y'all still dont listen to me.

Like I've said to you guys, I'm not worried about this virus. I am concerned. I am trying to be prudent and prepared - not paranoid.

All I can say about today is that IF mother gets it - I am /not/ staying with her. Period. The rest of them shrug it off they can deal with the fallout.

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