alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Plastics in the future

Caught a conversation on plastics. (Ohhh nooo mister bill! Not plastics!)
How about COMPOSTABLE plastics?
"No one ever litters, right? But how about we do something about the plastic straw that 'leaks' into the enviroment? How about it is gone in 8 months? Not broken into microplastics but /gone/?"
I like this idea.
Man was talking about the company he works for makes compostable produce bags. Those thin things in the supermarket? Those. Compostable straws? Stickers on fruit? Coffee k-cups? The things in contact with food so you can toss the whole thing into compost?
I like this idea.
Sidenote: they laughed about peanut butter jars, which are huge tubs of plastic, can never be recycled now while the recycling system cant handle 'contaminated' plastics. There's no way to clean peanut butter out of the jar! It is sticky!

Anyway... Cool idea and BRAVO to thie compajy in massachusetts. Nor... Something. I will try to get it to you

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