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Back when the movie "Slumdog Millionaire" came out my mother dragged me to go see it because Oscars. I did not like it. I dont like many Oscar movies. I mean it was okay, but not something I ever wish to see again.

Flash forward: I've bought a CD of India dance music. Been driving around listening to it for a week or so. My two favorite songs - I finally checked the CD to see who sings them? They are both songs from the movie!

Have they been dormant in my brain & I recognized them as familiar and thus like them?
OR they maybe were written to appeal a little more to a western audience?
OR heck they are just good tunes?

All of the above?

Sidenote: I have told some of you this before. I once had to drop a course in college because the teacher was from India and the /way/ he talked completely fascinated me. The way his voice would go up when it should go down or down when it should go up. His pacing and phrasing. His accent. I was so absorbed listening to the music of his voice I couldn't register what he was actually saying! Flunk city.
I suppose I still feel that way about India accents. The rolling Rs. The round vowels. It is luscious.

I digress!

Jai Ho (full disclosure- it sounded to me like they were singing "tally ho" which would be a cool song right?)
Ring ring ringa

I dance a lot.
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