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Another update on Bo

Because I'm still exhausted.

I tried to give him the meds last night. I let it go and let it go because he looked SO miserable and SO exhausted. I sat cross-legged on the bed and hauled him onto my lap and this finally gave his head some support and he was out like a light. Twitching like crazy and I don't envy him whatever it was he was dreaming about. When my legs fell asleep as well, I arranged boxes n stuff, draped my pillow on top and settled him into that similar shape. Zzzz.
And I let it go until about 4am when I finally had to get some sleep myself. Unfortunately Bo was, as I predicted, Cranky Cat of the World and did not appreciate my attempts to get the food or the meds into him. In fact he jumped and howled whenever the syringe or the food touched his face. Settled into a low, deep, truly pissed growling.
Back into the crate. Back to the ER. Because he /has/ to have his meds. Bonus round is that if a cat doesn't eat their livers shut down. Yay!
Did I mention I called the ER to ask about his breathing? I called them 4 times about various things over the night.
But the nice tech there demonstrated how to give Bo his meds. Basically it comes down to "Shut up and take it" and no, his sore jaw will NOT break if I put a syringe in his mouth and yes I can jam it into the side of his mouth on the right side even though there's a big gash on that side. However, very little got into Bo because he was still violently opposed to the idea. He was a liquid medication fountain. *SPRAY* Which, I'm sorry, I found incredibly funny. The vet tech was less humored because she has to clean the room.
Probably less than half a teaspoon's worth of food got into him as well. *Sigh* If he doesn't get at least that into him tonight then he'll have to go to my regular vet. Tech said cats can not go without food. Not to mention water. BUT she also said that it might be the pain medication patch that is making him queasy and that my vet may have to switch it to something else. Drugs can mess with you.
Hmm. Cat fountain. Maybe I'll stick him in the bathtub while I try to medicate him. The vet tech had the advantage of being able to trap his body under her arm and against the wall while he was on the exam shelf.
Do I really need to say how little I am looking forward to this?
Bo has been sleeping (without his collar on) down behind some boxes since he came home. Poor thing.
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