alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Banks. Oy

I used my last check. No prob. I go down to my bank with the little stub and try to order more checks.
Bank: "What number check are you on?"
Me: "Huh. Usually it is in the stub. Dont you guys know?"
Bank: "We dont track that."

Now, wouldnt you THINK, as a security measure at very least, my bank would have some idea what check numbers I'm using? 1? 2000? I order all my checks through my bank - they have zero records of that as well?
So I have to have them look up the last check that cleared and we guess from there only it is post Christmas and I'm certain some people have not cashed my check yet so it is all guesswork. But I am assured that repeat numbers can be fixed right away. (Oh that they track? I guess it is something.)

NATURALY, the new checks arrive the same day I find the extra bundle of old checks under papers in my desk. The new ones are now repeat numbers and completely useless. After I paid $30 for them.

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