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Music time

It is Sunday. I do music posts on some Sundays.

I stumbled upon this mash-up of styles yesterday. Blending perhaps? A sort of old school blues-rock? base of music with a woman singing a verse in traditional India style. Then another India woman takes over and raps in English. They switch back and forth. It is really interesting. "Katey". Mtv studios
(Normally I find the high pitched female voices in India music annoying and whinging.)

And yes I am using India over Indian. I'm American and it is too confusing otherwise.

I really like this guy's voice. Rituraj Mohanty. It appears to be one of those talent tv shows? He must have won.

And for your throw back....
Max Headroom and Art of Noise, "Paranomia"!

"I know. Poetry! Come sweet slumber, enshrod me in thy purple cloak!... Huh. Doesnt even rhyme..."

You can look up Prince or neutron dance or walk the dino or whatever. Throw it back!
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