alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Stabbing. Must be noted.

I need more than a moment of silence for this.
A man with a Very Large Knife attacked a Hannukah party in suburb of NYC. 5 taken to hospital, 2 of which had critical injuries. No deaths.
The suspect then tried to then go into the nearby synagogue but someone shut the doors & locked him out.
This is just one in a series of attacks on Jews this week alone. WTF!

EDIT: dec 29 first post. Dec 30 edit
There was also a shooting in a church in TX. 2 dead there. A deacon & a security guard. Guy with a shotgun just started shooting. Another volunteer security guard, who is also a firearm instructor, shot the suspect dead.
That a church had in place an armed security TEAM...?
I cant even

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