alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Busy busy day.

My radio alarm clock went off this morning to a talk show, "...she's just written a book about depression and suicide. Joining us are a panel of specialists to discuss..."

WTF it is following me! O.O

Cuz I really wanted to not post today after last night's fiasco. But here we are.

First: THANK YOU. I am stunned and amazed by your support. And appreciate it so very much. <3. Like whoa.

Second: mmm, yeah, No I am indeed a complete idiot and I should keep this in mind.

Third: I have issues. A lot! You've noticed. ;) Some days I'm easy to fracture.

Thank you

  • Saturday

    Saturday coffee feels way more friendly! Well, except I'm still at work.

  • I'm not forgetful...

    The nice lady said if it doesnt spark joy - throw it out!

  • Mornings

    It's morning. I dont know whether to complain that you're adding coffee to my milk or that you're adding milk to my coffee

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