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Saturday countdown

The ice isnt melting. It lingers on the trees looking like neon tubing. It piles on the ground like a hundred thousand shattered wine glass stems. Did we toast to Solstice blessings?

I am planning to roast seasoned chic peas as xmas treats. I am planning on painting ornaments for the family. These are the best laid plans.
I dont know if/how to prime the wood. I dont know if/how to seal them.
Best laid plans.

My family says I do too much for christmas. That everyone should get one $5 stocking stuffer, full stop. Well, as I've said before, that would be fine except they each give me one present but dont give any to each other at OUR gathering. They have their real gathering and gift exchange at their house. So I'm sitting there with 7 gifts to open & they have 1. Which leaves my mother to fill up the rest of the stockings. WTF? No!
"We dont mind!" Apparently you clowns dont mind because you dont /think/. STFU and take your dollar store dumb gifts - or buy them for each other /yourselves/. Dont be making mom shop that hard. And did you fill up her stocking in return? No. So you've no place to talk.

Holidays. Honestly.

Oh crap. Almost forgot. Someone asked me out. Why cant I say a strait out "No" when what I mean is "no"? I am too old for this crap. I'm too old for dates. I have never been of an age for dates. "No. And yes it is completely Me."
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