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the neck of Bo

Well, /I/ don't like the feel of the area but when I got up at EIGHT IN THE MORNING to phone the vet about it, it was relayed to me that as long as I can keep moving the ick out and as long as it is clear ick - then it is 'resolving itself'. Which is good. No surgery.

Bo informs me in no uncertain terms that the anti-biotics are completely unpalatable. Period. It's sort of amazing how he manages to combine "YUCK" and "HISS" in one angry sound. And trying to get these meds into him is becoming an Olympic event. Sprinting. Hurdles. Weight lifting. Gymnastics. And maybe some target practice. If the Olympics included a waltz clasping the wrong end of a lawnmower. I wonder what country that would be from?

And I get to do this 2 or 3 times a day for at least a week. Yay!

No, if I had the extra hands needed to wrap him in a towel then I could just get the meds into him. But I don't. Thanks for trying. ;)

Oh yeah, and it feels like whatever did bite him - the teeth came together /inside/ my cat. Cuz the swollen bit is a line from one puncture to the other. Poor cat. BAD DOG.
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