alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Oh Hig Brother where art thou?

Wait what was it I was thinking about this morn?
Doctor Who. Kingsman movie. They...
they use the idea of turning technology against us. Specifically the idea of using the technology that we've become surgically attached at the hip to, our phones, as a means of transmitting a mind control signal. Turning us all into zombies. There was a halloween horror movie with something like this beamed through the TV. It is not a new idea.
However, we all carry phones now. The mind control is not a beep or a tone or a wave. It is misinformation. In an age where more information than ever before in history of our species is available with the flick ofva fingertip or just "hello computer" (star trek)
We're getting fed the wrong info. Others are steering the info THEY want us to consume into us. They are controling us.

My best friend doesnt know when my birthday is. My family cant tell you what my favorite movie is. You guys dont know what I look like. My Doctor doesnt know my medical history. My cousins dont know our family tree.
But giant corporations know. Other governments know.
I didnt tell them. I did not give them permission. They /still/ know.

What is WRONG with this picture???

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