alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Just... Buh. Politics

Dear Dems,
You are choosing not to run ads countering the attack ads going against you. Why?
1 It is too early
2 People have already made up their minds


Y'all do see that those are completely OPPOSITE, right?

Either you think people have already gotten all the info that could possibly sway them (in which case WHERE WERE YOU? AHEM.)
Or you think people are going to be impulse buyers at the last possible moment (in which case THEY AINT DECIDED? Really? All these mythical undecided out there are the majority?)

How has this strategy worked for you up to this point? Or are you sticking your fingers in your ears again this time around? Cuz other people seem to be going with "pound them with one message until they believe it and chant it back at all rallies"
Worked for Hitler.

I'm not saying go all hitler on them but a bit of "one message - one voice." //might// be useful? To get into the corners?

Come to think of it - you had 3 scholar witnesses for the hearing to their 1. Right? Remember that? Just happened? You did that math?
They are doing THREE ads to your ONE. How's your math now?

Dear Rups, Yeah you have no morals, ethics or values beyond "power!" so you can go to Hell. Ta.

It is Truth, Justice and /then/ The American Way. Look it up. Dumb arse. How did we get here?

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